When I first got this product I finally understood how it feels lớn have your own spa right at home. But before I proceed any further, first, let me tell you what I expected from this product. My skin type is oily lớn combination which means at times I become acne-prone. Hence, when I went looking for a cleanser I was aiming for a sản phẩm that can get into my pores, cleanse effectively, but at the same time not leave my skin feeling dry or squeaky clean.

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Manufacturer’s claim

The Face shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Facial Foaming Cleanser (even the name is no joke) is formulated with rice bran that thoroughly removes dead skin cells. This moisturising foaming cleanser helps restore bright skin complexion và leaves skin feeling soft & smooth. – Faceshop. 

My experience

You should know that the Face shop Rice Bran Cleanser has another variant. The alternative is made with rice but without the bran. I opted for the rice bran foaming cleanser because I’m also of the belief that brown sugar is richer than white. 

The Face siêu thị Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Foaming Cleanser foams on immediate tương tác with water. It has a very thick consistency so you only need a pea-sized amount to lớn get the job done. Once you wet your hands và rub the sản phẩm against your palms, the foam starts forming and building up to a creamy texture. When massaged on the face the cleanser glides smoothly and you will find it very effective in melting stubborn makeup lượt thích eye makeup và lipstick. Additionally, it has refined particles which gently exfoliate the skin, ensuring that you over up with a clean slate as you do desire. 

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What I liked

I started by mentioning the spa làm đẹp effect this hàng hóa has, well that is one of the things I liked. It is quite a luxurious sản phẩm given the size and the price as shall be discussed below. You vì chưng not need much và it has double benefits which include cleansing và exfoliating. Hence, if you would like to save up some cash instead of getting an exfoliator, this would be a good bet as it does both.

The Face siêu thị Rice Water Rice Bran Foam Cleaner.The scent also is quite enticing. Very fresh và sweet lượt thích a field full of flowers.

It has a smoothening, brightening & pore diminishing effect to the skin. Also, it doesn’t leave your face feeling dry or tight. Instead, it leaves it feeling fresh, clean & velvety smooth.

However, like all products, avoid it coming into contact with eyes as this cleanser can sting and cause irritation. Kiểm tra out why you should try rice water on your hair và skin.

How to use

Wet your hands và face with lukewarm water. Warm water opens the pores allowing the product to cleanse effectively.Lather the product then mas sa it gently using circular motionsRinse it out first with lukewarm water, then vì chưng a final rinse with cold water. Cold water closes the pores which eventually contributes the glass looking skin everyone desires.

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If you hear about Korean skincare and think little bottle with little content but high prices, well this hàng hóa will make you change your mind. It comes in a 150 ml beige plastic tube which is convenient & practical. 

The 150ml Face cửa hàng Rice Bran Cleanser has a flip top seal which makes it travel friendly.


The key ingredients in The Face siêu thị Rice Bran Foaming Cleanser include; 

Lauric acid – it has antibacterial properties which fight acne.

Oryza sativa rice bran oil – has antioxidant benefits, soothes the skin và gives you an even complexion.

Saponaria officianalis leaf extract – also known as soapwort is a plant based cleansing agent used in products that fight acne, dark spots và blemishes. 

List of ingredients in the Face siêu thị Rice Bran Foam Cleanser.Another natural ingredient; kiểm tra out 5 ways you can use potato as a beauty product.

Final verdict

Cleansing effect: 5 out 5

Exfoliating effect: 4 out of 5

Hydrating effect: 5 out of 5

Brightening effect: 5 out of 5


I bought the Face shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Foaming Cleanser from eBay at $5.50 although currently, you will find it at $8.99. Check out other outlets such as Amazon or Kbeauty here in Kenya.

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Would I recommend it? Definitely, especially for someone with oily và acne-prone skin. If you have damaged or very sensitive skin this product might be harsh to lớn your skin. In the same way, if you have very dry skin this hàng hóa may be drying for your skin type hence you should look for an alternative. Nonetheless, the Face shop Rice Bran Foaming Cleanser is a very effective sản phẩm for someone who wants lớn minimise pores, brighten their skin và have a refreshing feel at the end of every cleansing activity.

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