I have never tried any Japanese skincare brvà much less anything from Hada Labo before. Though being the curious skincare freak as I always am, I"ve sầu been hearing good stuff about the brand which is why I got thesePerfect White Arbutin Lotion & Cleanserduo in travel sizes. Something"s holding me baông chồng from purchasing full sizes, might have sầu been all those items waiting to lớn be tried in my stash lol.

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One thing I honestly find interesting about the brvà is that they have sầu limited skincare line that targets different skin concern và there are few products to choose from per collection. I"m a huge sucker for anything basic and simple which is why. I hate to complicate my routine so I"m really glad I"ve sầu discovered standalone products that does more than what they"re supposed to.

The starter collection is housed in a box và it saddens me that I couldn"t understvà anything it says from the packaging. Because of the Arbutin and the "Perfect White" as main ingredient and clalặng, I could only assume that this is for brightening. Other than that, I couldn"t trang điểm what"s written on it so lớn be honest, I didn"t expect much. I was just looking for something simple that I can use on a daily basis.



The sản phẩm comes in a squeeze tube packaging and contains 25g of the product--a pretty much decent amount for a test run. It lasted me about 2 weeks và the effect is very memorable. The kích cỡ is perfect for travelling và there were like a couple of times I bring it to lớn work just because it"s more handy than the rest of my cleansers.
When dispense, you"ll get a creamy White formula with a bouncy texture. The scent"s a bit funny too. I am not sure why but the scent reminds me of k-beauty products I"ve sầu tried before, those which are infused with rice stuff. Nothing off-putting, goodness gracious!

The cleanser builds up lớn a frothy lather, not as rich as other foam cleansers though which I love for its non-drying properties. In fact, it felt so soothing and gentle and it doesn"t strip off the skin"s natural moisture. Just what I am looking for for a basic cleanser. It also does not sting or irritate my skin other foam cleansers usually vì. After washing, my face felt so soft & bright.

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Hada Labo Perfect White Arbutin Lotion comes in a translucent plastic bottle with a twist cap. Just lượt thích the counterpart cleanser, it"s very travel-friendly too. It"s gotten about 40ml of hàng hóa inside which lasted me more than 2 weeks.
This lotion does multiple jobs for me. It"s my go-to lớn cleanser, toner and lightweight moisturizer all in one. No joke. Most of the time, I prefer my skincare game to be just minimal. A cleanser & a good toner is all I need especially on days when I"m too lazy & tired lớn bởi vì 10-steps. This cleanser just possess a really nice hydrating power that makes my skin clearer và moisturized without the greasy feeling. It also preps my skin for the next skincare and my skin just seem khổng lồ drink up whatever I put on next.
This hàng hóa reminds me of DEAR KLAIRS SUPPLE PREPARATION TONER performance-wise. They are both multi-taskers though I find Hadomain authority Labo"s much better. Better in a way that it sorta help with my other skincare in lightening dark spots, prevent breakouts and make them heal faster & it just help with the overall texture of my skin. Using it for more than 2 weeks, I"ve noticed how my skin"s more brighter & softer in texture.
This purplish lotion provides extra cleansing for my skin and gives it sufficient moisture & brings out a glow that sort of lits up from within. There is no significant lightening at all but a clearer, brighter skin is still something I"ll pay for.
Now that I have tried a Japanese brand, I"m getting more excited to lớn explore on what else Japanese skincare offers. I"ve been a Korean skincare junkie for a long time and trying out a couple of Hada Labo"s famous products, I"d say someone"s gotta level up because my heart"s got a new favorite here. I"m loving both skincare game from respective sầu origins và it just makes me look forward to trying out more.
If you are looking for functional & gentle skincare cleanser and toner/lotion, I"d say you don"t want khổng lồ miss these two from Hadomain authority Labo. These are perfect maintenance hàng hóa as you don"t have sầu khổng lồ go through the purging stage or what (at least in my case). These are suitable for any skin type in my opinion, but better vị a patch thử nghiệm first especially if you find yourself sensitive sầu to lớn some ingredients listed above sầu. If you want khổng lồ get the full-form size, they are ranging from P600-P1000+ online. I hope these becomes available in drugstore too!

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