If you’ve ever gone down the internet rabbit hole with a nagging question in mind, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Reddit. Reddit is one of the top-five most visited sites in the US—beating both YouTube & Facebook in terms of average time on site and average pages per session. The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” is made up of discussion boards on every topic imaginable, from today’s breaking political news to the most hilarious celebrity memes khổng lồ viral videos of cats. And if you’re into beauty, you’d be happy khổng lồ know that it’s also trang chủ to hundreds of thousands of skin care and beauty enthusiasts asking questions, offering beauty tips và product reviews, sharing their successes và struggles & building one big, happy community.

Recently, on behalf of vychi.com.vn, I’ve immersed myself into this bustling community. I love reading personal stories và DIY tips, seeing healthy-skin transformations and ogling “shelfies” (pictures of skin care/beauty products on shelves or countertops). But if there’s one thing I love most, it’s knowing what skin care products other beauty enthusiasts lượt thích me swear by—and to my surprise, a great number of Redditors (Reddit users) hail many of the same products as their holy grail skin care. Here are 13 of those skin care products and why they’ve earned cult-favorite status.

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Kaitlin Willow

Kaitlin Willow is vychi.com.vn"s Community Manager. She lives & breathes words—reading as many books as possible and writing her own novel, too. Kaitlin also has a sliiiight obsession with her dog, Benny. Learn more at kaitlinrwillow.com.


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