Trích đoạn: máu nhuộm sân chùa

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At "Thien Nnhị Tu" temple, a young sadi with the name Tran Tu Tam (Nghe Si Minc Canh) led a peaceful, carekhông tính phí life of a monk. One cloudy day, a girl called Nhuoc Thuy (Nghe Si Phuong Lien?) came out of nowhere and gave hlặng a letter which told of a horrendous murder that took place 20 years ago that involved the deaths of Tran Tu Tam"s parents. He learned that his folks were brutally killed đôi mươi years ago by a traitor in their group và that Tran Tu Tam was lucky enough to lớn escape with the help of a kind man named Du Phong (Nghe Si Thanh hao Sang) who ran off with hyên ổn and left him in the temple to be raise by the head monk. The letter also stated that now was the time for Tran Tu Tam to resume a layperson life & seek revenge for his parents.Amid this revelation, appeared a beautiful girl named Bach Thien Nga (Nghe Si Le Thuy), whom upon seeing the innocent sadi, began khổng lồ tease hyên ổn mercilessly. Unbeknown to lớn them both that this accidental meeting would mark a blossom, loving relationship later on. Subsequently came Nghe Si Hong Nga in the role of To Tu Trinch. She was originally married khổng lồ Du Phong, but after Du Phong was chased off by Chu Thien Cac (Nghe Si Diep Lang), she forced herself lớn marry Chu Thien Cac because she thought Du Phong has been dead and she was already pregnant with his son at that time. She knew that she needed khổng lồ stay alive for her unborn son và khổng lồ seek revenge for her husb& later on. And nobody, except her, knew of the fact that Khac Kiet (Nghe Si Minc Vuong) was Du Phong"s son and not of Chu Thien Cac. Well, from her conversation with the character Tuong Hiep (Nghe Si Hung Minh), we learn that Chu Thien Cac at that time has been injured và was trying to recuperate in a hidden cave somewhere. To Tu Trinc và Tuong Hiep planned to overthrow Chu Thien Cac và put up her son, Khac Kiet, lớn be the new leader.Then appeared Han (Nghe Si Thanh hao Klặng Hue) at the scene. She was the daughter of the first wife that Chu Thien Cac neglected và threw over when he remarried To Tu Trinc. Before Han"s mother passed away, she beseeched Han khổng lồ seek vengence on the other woman for her. Thus, Han was searching and wanting lớn kill To Tu Trinch to lớn pay baông chồng for the neglected life she và her mother had to endure. As they were fighting, sadi Tran Tu Tam ran out and tried khổng lồ stop. Because of his interference, To Tu Trinh injured Han & the latter passed out. They both thought that she was dead. Tran Tu Tam was then overriden with guilts. He went và confessed lớn the head monk, his teacher, that he had ignorantly killed a girl & had committed one of the serious Buddhist precepts. Feeling too unworthy live in the temple any longer, he kowtoed his teacher and left the life of a sadi.For the next several years, Tran Tu Tam learned martial arts from Chu Thien Cac, và didn"t know that Chu Thien Cac was the culprit who killed his parents. Also here that he met Bach Thien Nga again và their relationship blossomed. Unfortunately, To Tu Trinch, who raised Bach Thien Nga since she was small, had other plan. She wanted Bach Thien Nga lớn marry Khac Kiet on the night when he accept the leadership role. Chu Khac Kiet was very much in love sầu with Bach Thien Nga but as we know, the latter already fell in love with Tran Tu Tam. As if that wasn"t problematic enough, Han, the girl whom Khac Kiet"s mother tried to lớn kill before, fell in love with Khac Kiet, but he only loved Bach Thien Nga. Then came in Du Phong, confronting his ex-wife and being told by her that Khac Kiet was his son and not of Chu Thien Cac.... So what will happen now?Well, Tran Tu Tam asked Khac Kiet to lớn meet up for a duel to resolve his dad"s misdeeds for he thought that Khac Kiet was Chu Thien Cac"s real son. Hearing this, Du Phong came in place of his son and unknowingly Tran Tu Tam injured hyên ổn. When Khac Kiet came, Tran Tu Tam then realized of his mistake but it was too late. Then Chu Thien Cac came. To settle old debt và spare the young people of more problems, Du Phong & Chu Thien Cac started fighting & they both died. Before they did, they asked that the young people should go on with their lives and forgot about revenge stuffs. Tran Tu Tam then blessed the marriage between Bach Thien Nga and Chu Khac Kiet & he went baông xã lớn Thien Nnhị Tu temple, resumed the life of a monk.
I first watched this cai luong when I was nine or so in the trip to Da Nang lớn visit my aunts. It was such a great, memorable play that long after that, it still lingered in the bachồng of my head. When I came khổng lồ the US, I started to lớn look around trying lớn locate this old drama. Baông chồng then I remembered it by the name of "Giua Chon Bui Hong" so it took me awhile to figure out that these two happened to lớn be the same cai luong. And when I found this và heard it again for the first time, I felt lifted. Literally! It was such an indescribable feeling -- Like I had found a missing part of me. That amazing glowing, satifying sentiments lasted a long time. I rethành viên going around smiling for days...I don"t know what I felt when I watched it bachồng then, but now listening lớn it, I can"t help but wish the ending to be a little bit happier. It would be nice if Tran Tu Tam hook up with Bach Thien Nga & Khac Kiet get together with Han instead. It was obvious that Tran Tu Tam and Bach Thien Nga were seriously in-love with one another. and by giving her lớn Khac Kiet, Tran Tu Tam was not only hurting himself but also Bach Thien Nga for she has no feeling for Khac Kiet. Moreover, I am sure giving enough time, Khac Kiet would find himself khổng lồ find love sầu for Han và it would make sense because by doing that he would help to ease the pains that his mother has conflicted on Han & her mother when she stole Chu Thien Cac from them. Thus, in doing that all the debts would be paid off. And hence all four of them would be happy instead of right now, only Khac Kiet would be happy. But then, I guess it is just more dramatic that way.

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