Many users are willing khổng lồ root their device to lớn customize their device. If you also want to lớn root your device we highly recommover you try KingoRoot which can meet your requirement & is a fast và one cliông xã root tool. KingoRoot comes with two versions: KingoRoot Android (PC version) và KingoRoot Akungfu (sản phẩm điện thoại version). The former has a higher success rate và the latter is more convenient & you can avoid the trouble connecting khổng lồ your computer.

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Oppo Neo 7 was released in October 2015. The Neo 7 phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display & 1GB of RAM, 6GB of internal storage which can be expanded up lớn 128GB via a microSD thẻ. The phone is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomilimet SnapLong 410 MSM8916 processor. The Neo 7 runs Android 5.1 & is powered by a 2420mAh non removable battery. However, the life span approx is about 12-18 months. So you should use the third buổi tiệc ngọt apps such as Kingo SuperBattery & Greenify lớn extover the battery life. However the two apps are only available for the rooted users so you have sầu khổng lồ root your device via KingoRoot before you use such applications.

Before root we will introduce you the basic knowledge of rooting. Rooting is through exploiting system vulnerablities or security loopholes which will be marked as "Dangerous" by antivi khuẩn softwares. And something may happen in the rooting process so you should think it before you root your device. It's your decision to lớn root it or not. If you think well please follow the tutorial below.

Root your Oppo Neo 7 via Kingo Android (PC Version)


Attention! Please make sure the device is powered on & the battery màn chơi at least 40% and Internet is connected (Wi-Fi is recommended). As rooting make đại bại your data so it is better khổng lồ backup your data before you root. You have lớn connect your device lớn the computer so a USB cable (the original one suggested) is needed.

After all these preparations are made you can move to the rooting process.

Step 1:Free tải về KingoRoot và install it on your device.


Step 2: Double-cliông chồng Kingo Android Root icon lớn launch the app.

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You will see an interface like below.


Step 3: Connect your Oppo Neo 7 to lớn the computer through USB cable

If there is no device driver it will be installed automatically. If it is the first time you connect your device khổng lồ the computer it will take a few minutes please be patient.

Step 4: Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Oppo Neo 7

Enable USB Debugging Mode on your device. If you have sầu no idea how to enable USB Debugging on your device you can see the details here:

What is USB Debugging Mode?

How to enable USB Debugging mode?


Step 5: Read Root Notifications carefully

There will be 3 short notifications about rooting. Pleae read carefull about rooting & make sure you know all the andvantages & disadvantages about rooting even the risks. After make clear of that you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Clichồng root lớn start the rooting process

Clichồng "Root" when you decide khổng lồ root your device. Once start vị not persize any operation lớn your device. Make sure stable connection available.


Step 7: Result: succeed or failed

After rooting the result will appear on the interface. If you have sầu rooted your device successfully you will get the message lượt thích below. And you can check whether your device is rooted successfully or not by searching the SuperUser. If succeeded there will be an phầm mềm named SuperUser installed on your device.


If you think the process is complicated you can root your device via APK version which is also easy khổng lồ operate và it avoids the trouble connecting your device to lớn the computer.